Remote Captcha

You love to use jDownloader, but you hate having to be in front of the computer to write captchas! Then Remote Captcha is the App for you.

With this App you can go wherever you want and you will be notified in your iPhone / iPod / iPad when there's a CAPTCHA for you to type. You can type the CAPTCHA in your device, and the text you type will be immediately sent to your computer.

Unlike many other remote utilities, Remote Captcha prevents you from having to define obscure routing configurations in your computer system. This is because Remote Captcha has its own servers, where both computer and device connect to.

We currently support the popular download manager jDownloader, so every CAPTCHA that would normally pop up in your computer will be sended to your device. You can go to the Plugins section to download your free Plugin.

We hope we can provide to you with the best remote captcha service.

Remote Captcha Team

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